The repertoire of Female choir Gabriel Fauré

  • Ecrit le février 21, 2014 at 9 h 18 min

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Direction: Denise Vial

Nature of event: Concert of choir : female voices .

Overview of benefits : The Female choir Gabriel Fauré offers an eclectic program suitable for all audiences.

A cappella program :

first part consists of classical works : Bach , Mozart, Palestrina,

a second part offers popular songs from France and all countries.

Program with piano :

Romantic works : Liszt , Wagner, Beethoven.

works of French music : Fauré , Debussy, Caplet , Poulenc, Tomasi .

Running time: 1 hour 30 min

Number of singers : 25 female voices

Technical requirements : preferably within the following selected program or church hall big enough .

scenic area : 5 m x 3 m

Electric power : projector scene

equipment required: possibly a piano in the dining room : a workable with 3 levels.

Promotional materials available : posters, programs , press kits , photos .

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